The Maraya Media Control Panel was created to bring innovation to the normal web site managing interface. The prior Control Panel leader – cPanel, was created more than a decade ago and hasn’t ever undergone a significant update since then. The Maraya Media Control Panel is built on the ideas of the present day, carrying convenience and intuitiveness to all website managing tasks you could bring to mind.

Move down and review the 2 main Control Panel interfaces, find out more on their advantages and drawbacks and discover which one of them will come up to your demands the most.

1. Domain/billing/site tools

The Maraya Media Control Panel allows you to comfortably command all your domains, emails and sites with a click of the mouse. This way, you’ll be able to look after every aspect of your online presence from 1 location.

If you want separate Control Panel solutions – one for your websites, and another from which you can handle your domain names and invoicing, then cPanel is good for you. However, you will need to log in two locations simultaneously to efficiently manage your online presence.

2. File Hierarchy

With the Maraya Media Control Panel, all your web sites and subdomains are going to be separated from each other. Each individual website will have its very own folder segregated from the rest in the home directory of your account. You can easily switch from working on one site to managing another.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you will have just one directory for your main website and all the extra websites are placed inside this folder. This makes handling various sites from a single user interface very puzzling.

3. File Manager

The Maraya Media File Manager was made to perform exactly like your desktop computer file explorer. Offering features like drag and drop file file publishing, right click context menus, archive/unzip functions, etcetera., it’ll make working with your data files simple and fast. Additionally, there is also an incorporated WYSIWYG manager and a program code editor.

The File Manager included in the cPanel Control Panel was updated many times in recent times, nonetheless it still doesn’t offer good results in comparison to other web–based file management applications. You are not able to use a drag–and–drop functionality to add files, the zip/unzip tool could be hard to rely on at times and then the file management user interface is limited in features.

4. Cost–free Gifts

The Maraya Media Control Panel is managed by us and features a huge selection of freely available benefits that would typically cost more than $1000 USD with other hosts. You will have access to numerous no cost website themes, the Straightforward Site Installer, Best Web Applications, a PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, a set of Advanced Instruments, etcetera.

The cPanel Control Panel is offered by way of a commercial certificate and add–on bonuses will be incorporated for an added price. As a result, even if your supplier features no–charge extras in the cPanel, their cost is going to be included in the price of your hosting package. In addition, the amount and sort of 100–percent–free extras will vary from one hosting company to another.

5. Control Panel Rates of Operation

The Maraya Media Control Panel is run on our very own Linux hosting packages. It is improved to work on our set of equipment parts and to work with our collection of software programs. This makes it perform a lot faster when compared with just about any other Control Panel in the marketplace. And it is more reliable as well.

cPanel continues to be functioning on a system from a decade ago and may really be sluggish occasionally. The cPanel team of developers has made an important step with the release of cPanel accelerated. Nonetheless, in evaluation tests, widespread web site managing procedures typically present superior results with alternative Control Panels.

6. Multi–domain name Controls

With the Maraya Media Control Panel, you are able to manage numerous domains and sites from just one place. Switching between domain management and website management is completed just by switching to a new area of the Control Panel. There’s no need to log into a different user interface to manage your site.

The cPanel Control Panel helps keep different elements isolated – you’ll need to manage your domains from one login area and your sites from a different one. Each site possesses its own Control Panel. Maintaining different web sites from one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather confusing simply because virtually all added domains will be stored in the folder of the principal domain.

7. Control Panel Navigation

With the Maraya Media Control Panel, you will be shown the latest stats for your websites and with quick access icons to the most often used sections. Plus, you’ll be able to move through the Control Panel, thanks to our top menu bar, which contains hyperlinks to all available menus.

The cPanel Control Panel displays all icons in the homepage, so that it’s not at all customized to your specific needs. At the same time, once you access a menu, you can’t immediately change to another one and will have to go back to the homepage instead. This kind of navigation can be truly troublesome for you, especially if you work with a lot of sections anytime you modify your sites.

8. Demo Accounts

With the Maraya Media Control Panel, we’ve put together a full–featured demo interface for you to examine in advance of signup. You’ll have access to a demo Linux hosting packages account from where you are able to create mail accounts, mount web apps, make brand new subdomains, and also create a website using any of Maraya Media’s site builders, etcetera. In case you like what you have come up with – you are able to register from the demo interface and preserve everything you have come up with so far.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is simply a screenshot of what is inside the primary menu. Almost every functionality that’s featured there is inaccessible. This way, when you sign up, you will have no clue how the different instruments and features of the Control Panel in fact perform.

We can mention every single function of our Site Control Panel here and compare it with the cPanel Control Panel. Nevertheless, it’s going to be quicker if you simply take a glance at the live demo to see the visible difference by yourself.

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